Ward Al Makassed        Overview

About Ward Al Makassed

In 2014, Makassed set up Ward Al Makassed, the first community development center of its kind in Beirut’s impoverished neighborhood of Tarik Al-Jadideh.

Tariq Al-Jadideh is one of the most densely populated areas in Beirut and is regarded as an important stronghold for the low-income and middle-class amongst the Beiruti community, attracting also large numbers of Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

Ward Al Makassed empowers underprivileged women and youth with the much needed skills and vocational trainings they need to effect change within their communities. It encourages using local resources in a way that enhances economic outcomes while improving social conditions.

The center is divided into units offering Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian women, and youth efficient training sessions and the required skills to market and sell their foods and handicraft through its catering services as well as in-house and external exhibitions.

  • Industrial kitchen; catering, pastry, sweets and chocolate;
  • Handicraft; sewing and artisan craftwork among them crochet;
  • Women’s beauty salon; providing salon services to the public.
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